How to Work With Plasma Cutter Safely to Prevent Injuries

Safety is an important issue that should not be overlooked when one is handling a plasma cutter. Plasma cutter generates great force and heat so that it will be able to cut through metal. You don’t need to be told the great harm that a plasma cutter can inflict on you if it mistakenly gets at you. This is why it is important that you handle it with caution to forestall the occurrence of any possible accident.

This piece will provide you with tips on how to use plasma cutter safely and the proper way to handle the machine when cutting with it. It is important that you apply these safety tips because the plasma cutter can seriously injure or kill you in a worst case. From experience, a plasma cutter has killed people because of their carelessness.

Protecting your vital organs

The sense of sight

Hobart Impact 770756Your eyes are very important sense organs. But they are highly delicate and you should protect them at all costs. Exposure of the eyes to rays, fumes and flare can damage them. When cutting with plasma cutter, molten particles blown away by the machine fly to and fro. It can hit you at the eye and inflict grave damage to the eye. So, when you are cutting with a plasma cutter, it is advisable that you put on protective eyes gear or a welding helmet. Bear in mind that it is not every goggle that is designed for welding.

Consequently, it is of crucial importance that you wear the right type of goggle that will offer maximum protection to your eyes when you are working with a plasma cutter. One of the acceptable practice is to ensure the protection of people around your workplace. If there are people where you are working, you should inform them about the potential danger.

The sense of hearing

Another important sense organ that you should protect when cutting with a plasma cutter is the ear. Exposure to a noisy environment can cause damage to the ear. So when you are cutting, it is advisable that you protect the ear from the noise of the plasma cutter by wearing ear plugs. Ear plugs will reduce the volume of noise that enters your ear.

Protecting your face and skin

The flying molten particles can also hit you at the face and arms. So, you need to protect the face by putting on welding helmet that covers the entire face region. You should also put on overall protective gear in order to protect your skin from flying particles. Put on a thick long sleeve shirt or a welding jacket. Plasma cutter requires high voltage electric energy in order to cut. So, you need to wear shock resistant gloves since you are working on metals to protect yourself against electric shock in case you accidentally touch the metal material.

Environmental Factors

Do not operate your plasma in a wet environment

Electric current can pass through water. Based on the reason mentioned above, you should avoid operating your plasma cutter under a wet environment.  You should always make sure your plasma cutter is properly grounded.

Remove all flammable materials

Plasma cutters throw off a significant amount of sparks and hot spatter.   Ideally plasma cutting areas should be shielded from the rest of the work area.  In our shop, we have a couple of leather welding blankets that act as a wall to separate the rest of the shop.  We also make sure that there are no flammable rags or open fire hazards.

Work in a ventilated area

Your workspace or site should include proper ventilation as the use of a plasma cutter can pollute your air due to toxic fumes and gases.  You should also look at using a proper welding respirator if your area does not have proper ventilation

Wear shock resistant and insulated shoes and wears

You can forestall the occurrence of shock completely by wearing shock resistant work boots and gear that do not allow the passage of electric current in order to insulate yourself.

Abide by the manufacturer safety tips

Check the plasma cutter user manual for your model and abide by the safety tips recommended by the manufacturer.

By taking a few simple steps for plasma cutter safety, you make sure to reduce the possibility of injury to yourself.

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