What is a TIG Finger?

No a TIG Finger is not giving your manager the finger (as much as he may deserve it).

It is simply a small tube shaped heat shield you can wear on your finger to protect your finger from the heat and allows you to focus on the weld. No more struggling to finish your weld because your finger is burning up and uncomfortable. It also allows your finger to slide easily along any material and is built to last.

Well-suited for a wide range of projects, including taking the 6g test, TIG welding aluminum tubing, repairing a cast aluminum gearbox, or TIG welding sanitary stainless tubing. I know people even use it for MIG welding.

Like myself, some people wear heavier welding gloves to prevent getting burned but after using a TIG finger, I don’t need those heavier gloves anymore. Why add the extra bulk and lose some of your dexterity. The TIG Finger was designed by a professional for welders who care about the art of welding.

It is asbestos free and, best of all, handmade in the USA. If you’re worried about quality, just remember the slogan by the inventor — “You’ll lose it before you wear it out.” And I can confirm that is the truth. It also extends the lifetime of your TIG gloves as it comes in two sizes–regular and XL.

TIG Finger
TIG Finger

If you want to make clean welds while protecting your fingers from heat damage then you’d be crazy not to buy the TIG Finger. It’s inexpensive so there’s no real excuse to not buy one. It’s affordable, but more importantly buy one because you care about your health and the quality of your welds. The choice is up to you.

Pick one (or two) up today. You’ll wonder why you didn’t use one earlier!

If you’re still unsure then check out the TIG Finger in action.

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