Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter Review

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters are a popular brand of plasma cutters. The company which started operation over 50 years ago makes different kinds of plasma cutting systems for automated and manual cutting applications across the globe.

The company has continued to make a significant contribution in the industry with the production of quality plasma cutters that are embodiment of flexibility, performance, function, durability and other impressive features. Thermal Dynamics cutters are available in different capacities to suit different needs. Whether you are a do-it-yourself guy or a professional, you will find a cutter from this brand that will satisfy you.

To enable you make an informed choice that you will never regret, we have taken time to research the market and come out with a review of three reliable Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters. The review is born out of practical experience of real customers of the products.

The first product in the list is good and more suitable for home use. The second product which is higher in capacity is suitable for moderate duty professional cutting tasks. The third product is the most powerful as it has a higher cutting capacity and it is a great option for professionals. Read on to know more about these products.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter Cutmaster 42 Strongly created and equipped with impressive features, this Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 plasma cutter is designed to be used for all day cutting.

Insofar as the cutting capacity is not exceeded, it delivers perfect, quick and easy cutting results. With a dimension of 18.5 x 7 x 9 inches and weight of 26 pounds, 1-4200THR Cutmaster 42 has a compact size making it very portable. You can easily move it from one job site to another or from one spot to another within the same job site without requiring any assistance.

Besides, the product is created with Vent2Shield technology which makes it possible for a considerably smaller compressor to be used in the unit. With this technology, the plasma cutter can be used with 120 volt even though it is a 76 volt manual plasma system. It also helps to make it less weighty. If you are the type that judges quality by price tag, definitely, you will get it wrong with 1-4200THR Cutmaster 42.

Despite its amazing functionality and performance, this product is still sold for a low price. The Cutmaster 42 can be used for cutting in a wide range of applications which include rental fleets, auto body/marine repair, metal building and roofing construction, home shop and plumbing and HVAC.

Owning this product therefore means using a stone to kill two birds at the same time. If you purchase this product, you are sure of using it for many years because it is considerably durable. Besides, it comes with a 4 year warranty which gives you a rest of mind that at least for 4 years you will be using your product.


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter Cutmaster 52 The Cutmaster 52 is designed to deliver its true cut capacity. With this product, the idea of recommended cut capacity does no longer exist.

There is no question of buying a product lower in capacity or higher in capacity than what you actually needed. This product weighs 43 pounds which virtually every adult can carry about. But the unit does more than what most plasma cutters of similar dimension can do thanks to the features, it comes with. Keeping the spare parts of the unit safe and within reach will not constitute any problem to any person using Thermal Arc 1-5130-1 Cutmaster 52 thanks to the storage compartment it comes with.

You can keep your consumables and spare parts in the storage compartments provided. The unit features LEDs panel in the front for monitoring the performance as well as the condition of the system. The product is protected by the True Guard roll bar it comes with which also makes moving it from one location to another very easy.

The system has dual voltage system which in a single power supply runs from 208 to 480 volts. The system also features a versatile 1 Torch for using the it as a machine torch or for disconnecting it so that it will be easy to include the lead extensions to the machine. Just like the other Thermal Dynamics product, Thermal Arc 1-5130-1 Cutmaster 52 is covered with a four year warranty to give users peace of mind.




Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 plasma cutter The Cutmaster 82 is a higher capacity model of plasma cutter which is designed for professional use even though it can also be used at home. It has a product dimension of 28 x 15 x 23.3 which will take a considerable portion of your storage space if you keep it in your home. It weighs 60 pounds which many people will find heavy to lift making movement from one location to another or one spot to another in the same work site difficult.

It is meant for the cutting of thicker materials which low capacity plasma cutters will not be able to cut. But you can also use it to cut stainless, carbon and aluminum. There is a LEDs panel in the front of the system which shows the status conditions of the product. This makes for enhanced proficiency.

Thermal Arc 1-1130-1 Cutmaster 82 operates on dual-voltage system which in one power supply can run from 208 to 408 volts. The product comes with one torch with ATC disconnect from where conversion to machine torch can be achieved. From the same feature, you can also easily add lead extensions to the machine.

It also comes with a storage compartment where you will be able to keep all your consumables and spare parts within reach. It is also covered with a 4 years of warranty to give consumers rest of mind that the system is strongly made and that they can use it for many years.


Conclusion on the Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters reviewed above are all efficient, highly functional and durable. When it is time for your to purchase a new plasma cutter, you will not go wrong if you choose any of the plasma cutters reviewed above. But you have to consider your needs before making a choice.