Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 Plasma Cutter Review

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 is heavy-duty built to deliver superior cutting result.

Like other plasma cutter models in the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster series, the plasma cutter is created to deliver on its true cut capacity.

This means that you get exactly what you paid for. You will not have to purchase a plasma cutter with a cut capacity that is higher or lower than what you actually need.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 is available in a light weight design even though it is the most powerful in the Cutmaster series. It comes with a number of features that differentiate it from other plasma cutter models. Read on to know more about the features of this product.


Features of plasma cutter and specifications

Cutmaster 52 plasma system is the lightest weight 1/2 plasma system available today for purchase in the market. Its lightweight design makes for enhanced mobility and impressive portability. Besides, it comes with a feature known as roll bar which does not only offer protection to the front and rear of the power supply of the system but also makes for easy transportation. The protection offered to the power supply increases the durability of the product.

It comes with a front LED control panel which houses all the user controls and also show the pressure status of the unit. If there is any setup errors, you will be able to find it from this part of the product.

The system is created to deliver impressive cutting result. But the good news is that cutting for a long hour with the product constitute no problem as it does not result to fatigue thanks to the trigger latch features it comes with. As you are cutting through expanded metals, the pilot arc is automatically reunited by the auto pilot restart feature that it comes with.

The plasma cutter offers users multiple torch capability. It has automated, mechanized and hand capability. Besides, it has a dual voltage system which makes it possible for the machine to operate from 208 volts to 480 volts in a single power supply with a frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz. Its input power cable 1Ph is 10 ft or 3-0m long which offers extended reach. The cable comes with 230V plug.

Users will not have any problem with the storage of spare and consumable parts. They don’t have to purchase any storage facility or unit for these parts as the system is equipped with a convenient storage compartment.

The machine can easily be converted thanks to the versatile 1 torch with ATC disconnect that it comes with. With the feature, adding lead extensions becomes quite easy. With the plasma cutter, you will be able to work on different kinds of metals such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, steel and any other conductive metals.

Owning this product is a true investment of money as it will give you value for your money. Besides delivery impressive cutting result, your product is backed with a 4 year warranty. This will give you a rest of mind that nothing will happen to your machine.

The package include a 20 feet spare part kit, operating manual and 20 feet work cable and clamp, input power cable and 1 torch with ATC quick disconnect.


Product dimension: 28 x 15.3 x 24 inches
Product weight: 43 pounds
Part number: 1-5130-1
Item model number: the same as the part number
Battery required: no
Output power– (Kw): 6.2
Warranty: four years of warranty
Max amperage output – (Amps) 60
Max cut– inches (mm): 1.125 (30)
Duty cycle (@40 degree C: 40% @ 60A, 60% @ 55A, 100% @ 50A
Cut inches (mm) recommended: 0.500 (12)
Input voltage –( phase volts, Hz): 600V, 400V 3 Phase 50Hz, 208/230 – 460 1/3 phase 50/60Hz,
Torch model: SL60 Hand
Warranty (Unit/Torch) parts and labor: 4/1


pro checkmark  The product comes with long 20ft leads.

pro checkmark  It is available in a lightweight design which makes for enhanced portability.

pro checkmark  It can be used to make easy, precise, clean and quick cuts on a number of metal materials.

pro checkmark  The power system is capable of generating tons of power.

pro checkmark  It comes with power ergonomic torch which makes for easy cutting without causing any hand fatigue. It naturally fits the hand very well during work.

pro checkmark  It is user-friendly.

pro checkmark  It is sold at a fair price which some consumers have described as great.

pro checkmark  It is strongly crafted and thus it will last for a long time.

pro checkmark  It is very easy to set up.

warning symbol  It does not come with a stand off and some consumers may not like it that way.

warning symbol  The user manual does not contain guideline for the high low voltage switch.

warning symbol  The consumables are somewhat expensive.

What users are saying

Many welders have purchased this product from Amazon and other online sources. A good number of them have left great feedback for the product. Among the good aspects of the system that recur in most of the consumers’ reviews are very high cutting speeds, great performance and functionality, great surface penetrating cuts, average air consumption, affordability and others.

A good number of reviewers like the fact that the product is very portable and that it delivers enhanced functionality. However, there are few consumers that have made some complaints. Some complained that the product was sold at a high cost.

There were some that complained that the guarantee was not followed through with and the cost for the consumable is higher. However, the number of disgruntled consumers is few and some of their complaints are not general issues. They are particular to the larger product class. So, in my opinion, they are not strong enough as to constitute a concern for buyers.

Conclusion on the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52

The Cutmaster 52 is a great product which every fabricator will find very useful. The product is highly functional, durable and delivers on what it promises. It can be used to cut different types of metals with unmatched cutting precision. It is available in a portable design making it very easy to transport to the work site. You will not break a bank in order to own one as the product is highly affordable. Owning one is a true investment of money whether you are a professional welder or just a do-it-yourself welder.