Mophorn CG2-11G Pipe Cutting Machine

The Mophorn CG2-11g Pipe Cutting Machine is a small, manual portable gas torch cutter. It is capable of cutting pipes from 108-600mm in diameter and with a cutting thickness from 5-50mm. It is also capable of cutting straight or beveled angle cuts on pipes.

You can even get an additional 118 inch (3m) chain (needs to be purchased separately) and be able to cut pipe up to 48 inch (1.2192 m).

This Mophorn CG2-11G Manual Pipe Cutting Machine will move forward if you revolve the control handle clockwise, and move backward if revolving it in an anti-clockwise direction. The torch also can move horizontally up & down with its cross feed hand wheel & adjustment knob. To get the best fit, it has screws to adjust tightness between machine & pipe.

The Mophorn gas pipe cutting machine includes 3 hoses (fuel gas hose, preheating oxygen hose, and cutting oxygen hose) to get connected to your oxygen-acetylene gas distributor.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Cutting Pipe Range: φ108-600mm (Seamless Steel Pipe)

Cutting Pipe Thickness: 5-50mm

Reset Accuracy: 1mm

Bevel Shape: I,Y,V Type

Beveling Angle: 0-45º

Product Weight: 10.5kg / 23LB

Mophorn CG2-11G Pipe Cutting Machine

Conclusion on the Mophorn CG2-11G Pipe Cutting Machine

This small but might and portable Pipe Beveling Machine is suitable for petroleum, chemical, mechanical, processing, electricity, construction, and mining industries. It will work in a variety of areas as it does not require electricity.