Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews And Comparison

When it is time for you to purchase a new plasma cutter, you should consider purchasing a Lotos Plasma Cutter.

Lotos is one of the leading manufacturers of quality cutters which embody durability, performance, flexibility, portability and ease-of-use.

With a quality plasma cutter by Lotos, you will get value for your hard earned money as you will get cleaner, quicker and easy cuts.

Below are reviews of the best Lotos Plasma Cutters you should check out if you are looking for a reliable product.

Lotos Plasma Cutter Quick Comparison

ModelAmpsCutting AbilityDimensionsWeightRating
Lotos LTP8000 Plasma Cutter
80Cutting 1"
Severance 1.5"
19x8x12"45 pounds4.4
Lotos LTP7000 Plasma Cutter
70Cutting 7/8"
Severance 1.25"
18.5x8x12.5"42 pounds3.2
Lotos LTP6000 Plasma Cutter
60Cutting 3/4"
Severance 1"
19x8x1239 pounds3.1
Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter
50Cutting 1/2",
Severance 3/4"
18.8x16x11"19.4 pounds4.2
Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter
50Cutting 1/2"
Severance 3/4"
15x6x12"22.5 pounds3.8
Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter
LTPDC2000D Plasma/TIG/Stick
50Cutting 1/2"
Severance 3/4"
17x8x12.5"44.5 pounds4.0
Lotos CT520D Plasma/Tig/Stick
CT520D Plasma/TIG/Stick
50Cutting 1/2"
Severance 3/4"
17x8x11"55 pounds4.0
Lotos LT3200
32Cutting 5/16"
Severance 1/2"
11.6x9x6"17.6 pounds4.5

Lotos LTP8000

The Lotos Plasma Cutters LTP8000Lotos LTP8000 is a hand cutter which operates on 80 Amps.

It has an operating voltage of 220V in a single phase at 50/60HZ. With a dimension of 19 x 8 x 12 inches and weight of 45 pounds, the cutter is usable at home or at a work site.

It can cut conductive metals such as steel of different sizes.

It comes with a number of features which work together to make the product deliver efficient and cleaner cutting results. Some of the most important features of the product are pilot arc plasma torch of 13 inches, 75psi @4.0cfm dual internal high speed cooling fans which cools the cutter by regulating its temperature, air filter/regulator, built in thermal and overload protection and many others.


Lotos LTP7000

Lotos Plasma Cutter LTP7000 Lotos LTP7000 is a pilot arc plasma cutter made for cutting different types of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, mild steel, alloy steel and copper.

Its versatility with regard to the type of metal that can be cut with it gives it an edge over other plasma cutters from Lotos and other brands.

The maximum metal thickness it is able to cut is 1.15 inch.

It can be used by professionals or for home use thanks to its portability and ease of use. With a weight of 42 pounds, it won’t be a problem for an adult to move it around.

It is an electric powered plasma cutter which requires a voltage of 220 volts and operates on 70 Amp and uses inverter technology.  If you are cutting continuously, you will also find this product has a high duty cycle.

Your metal will not distort during cutting and you will be able to achieve smooth and faster cuts with this product.


Lotos LTP6000

Lotos Plasma Cutter LTP6000 Lotos LTP6000 offers welders amazing versatility.

It is able to cut different kinds of metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and other types of conductive metals. It cuts metal of different thickness with 1 1/4 inch being the maximum thickness it can handle.

The Lotos LTP6000 is a heavy duty plasma cutter which offers continuous cutting on dirty metaland rough surfaces thanks to the pilot arc technology.  It operates on 200-220V current at 50/60Hz.

The unit is usable in a wide variety of applications. Whether you are an auto body repairman, factory maintenance worker or a hard working farm worker, you will be able to utilize this machine for cutting just about any metals at your work site.



Lotos LTP5000D Plasma CutterLotos LTP5000D is available in a compact design. Moving this tool from one location to another is a simple task thanks to its lightweight and built-in handle.

With its pilot arc torch, it is able to cut through a number of surfaces and materials such as rough, rusty and painted materials.  Whether the metal material you want to cut is thin or thick or made of alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper, you will be able to cut it.

The Lotos LTP5000D features a MOSFET transistor which generates high power output in order to cut a maximum thickness of 1/2 and maximum severance thickness of 3/4.

It also generates uniform output for cutting of thin metal sheets.

This Lotos plasma cutter comes with features like ground clamp, plasma torch, air hose and its connections and air regulators. It operates on dual voltages. With the use of a pigtail which does not come with the machine, it will be able to operate on 110V 50/60 Hz. It can also operate directly on 220V 50/60 Hz.


Lotos LT5000D

Lotos LT5000D With a product weight of 25.35 pounds, this Lotos LT5000D plasma cutter is created to deliver enhanced performance in compact package.

The LT5000D is an inverter air plasma cutter which uses ac/dc power. The system can cut for many hours. Because of the PAPST Advanced German Cooling System, it will not overheat.

The product has amazing versatility. With it, you will be able to cut metals of different kinds such as copper, aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other metal materials insofar as the cut and severance thicknesses do not exceed 1/2 and 3/4 respectively.

It has a weight of 25.35 pounds and  dimension of 19.5 x 18.7 x 16 inches. The compact design coupled with the handle makes it easy for any one to move the product easily.  It does not require much maintenance.


Lotos LTPDC2000D (50A Plasma Cutter And 200A Tig/Stick Welder)

Lotos Plasma Cutter LTPDC2000D Lotos LTPDC2000D is a multi process plasma cutter. It can be used as a plasma cutter and also for stick and DC TIG welding.

If you are using it for plasma cutting, you will be able to cut different metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper and other conductive metals insofar as its thickness is not more than 1/2 inch.

The product comes with features which make it an option for professional welders. But do-it-yourself customers can also utilize it for cutting at home or business premises.

It has a moderate weight of 44.5 pounds and dimension of 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches. It has dual voltage of 110/220V and dual frequency of 50/60Hz which work automatically.


Lotos CT520D (50 Amps Plasma Cutter, 200 Amps Tig And Stick Welder)

Lotos Plasma Cutter CT520D This is another model of plasma cutter by Lotos. The Lotos CT520D is designed to serve three functions which include plasma cutting, Tig welding and Stick welding.

Switching from one function to another is easy and quick. With its multi-functional capacity, you will be able to use it in different job sites.

The CT520D is available in a compact design weighing just 38.6 pounds and dimensions of 17 x 8 x 11 inches.

For enhanced performance and ease-of-use, you can also purchase an optional foot pedal. It can easily cut different kinds of metals which include stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and others.  The maximum thickness of metal that can be cut with this system is 1/2 inches.

It can also be used to weld different metals excluding aluminum which can only be cut with it.


Lotos LT3200

Lotos Plasma Cutter LT3200 The Lotos LT3200 is the cheapest one in the Lotos product group.

The Lotos LT3200 is a economical digital inverter plasma cutter which is available in a very compact design. With a weight of 17.6 pounds and dimension of 11.6 x 9 x 6, this system offers stunning portability.

This 32-amp plasma cutter cuts different types of metals which include alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel, copper aluminum and other conductive metals.

It operates on 220V with automatic dual frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. This plasma cutter is a suitable option for do-it-yourself consumer or any individual that engages in light cutting projects. It has a maximum severance capacity of 12mm (1/2in) and cutting capacity of 8mm (5/16in).



Lotos Plasma Cutters offer efficient, easy, clean and quick cutting. Whether you are a do-it-yourself welder or a professional, any of these Lotos Plasma Cutters reviewed will meet your requirements. However, some have more features than others and are sold at a higher price. In the end, you will get a big bang for your buck if you choose any one from this brand.