Klutch Plasma 375i Plasma Cutter Review

Klutch Plasma 375i Plasma CutterLight, compact and efficient, this Klutch Plasma 375i Plasma Cutter looks to be a great addition to any workman’s toolbox, especially if he needs a cutter that’s easy to pack up and move.

But does it perform?

For a portable, yes it does. When you compare it against something like the Hobart Airforce 27i, which is our number one pick out of every plasma cutter we’ve seen for good reason, the comparison is surprising. Whilst this obviously doesn’t excel in the quite the same way, it actually holds up, with solid performance across the board.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend this for industrial use or anyone with higher workloads, the relatively fast cutting with a high maximum severance means this easily puts out enough power for hobbyists, sole traders and smaller workshops.


Quick Cut Specs

Technical SpecsCutting PerformanceDuty Cycle
Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kgs)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.5×6.5×17″ (381x165x432mm)
Type: Inverter, Pilot Arc
Power Requirements: 230V
Amps: 15-40A
Torch: Ergo Cut S45 with 18.5 ft lead
Compressor required: Yes
Minimum Compressor (CFM): 4.5 CFM @ 60 PSI
CNC Capable: No
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty; 1-year warranty on the torch.[/thrive_tab]
3/8″ mild steel,
1/4″ aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized metal,
1/8″ copper and brass
35% at 40A

Key Features

For a small, light unit, this plasma cutter delivers pretty damn good performance. Whilst it’s not going to win any awards, the inverter based circuitry makes it exceptionally light and portable, at less than 10kg. Packed up, with everything you need to run this, you could toss it in the back of your truck and take it anywhere that’s got a power supply and compressed air.

Because it’s inverter based, that means you get a solid, stable arc that delivers clean cuts by equalizing fluctuations in power. Whilst it doesn’t throw out the most amps, considering the size and cost of this little machine, the power you get is adequate enough.

Klutch Plasma 375i Plasma CutterSo how does it perform on the bench? Again, good enough. That’s something you’re going to be hearing a lot. It cuts ¼ inch steel comfortably, and relatively fast for a system so tiny, but starts to struggle on anything thicker. The torch is really good quality, however, with a massive 18 foot connecting lead that makes getting around with this so easy. Gone are the days that you have to twist yourself out of your cables after cutting a 6ft panel.

The power cable is just as long, too, so if you’re using this as a mobile cutter, or even just a small cutter for personal use, then you’re never going to struggle to get it around the workshop.

The Klutch Plasma 375i also includes a built in pilot arc, which makes such a difference, and it’s nice to see on a cutter this size. In case you don’t know, a pilot arc keeps the arc, even if you’re not in contact with material, so if you lift off for a second, or hit a rusty or painted patch, this keeps cutting. Obviously, don’t take this as a license to burn through paint with nary a care in the world. As always, prepare your material before you begin cutting.

The duty cycle is pretty good, too, with a 35% cycle at maximum amps, and when you consider how small this is, and the difficulty it would have with shifting heat, that’s pretty impressive.

Downsides? Expensive consumables, especially replacement torches, so after the warranty runs out, make sure you’re careful with it. It also struggles with thicker cuts, and tends to leave a messy finish that requires some cleaning up when you’re working on anything over around a quarter inch. But again, this is a small system, and it’s supposed to be portable. If you’re buying this for heavy duty work, you might be disappointed.

There have also been a couple of reports about reliability issues, with systems crapping out after cutting less than a hundred feet of thin material. However, it doesn’t happen often, nowhere near enough for me to be concerned about it, and it wouldn’t put me off from buying one, as I know how finicky systems like this can be. On the off chance you get a duff unit, it comes with a three year warranty in case anything stops working. (A one year warranty on the torch.)

As long as you know what you’re buying, you won’t be disappointed with this. With adequate power for general use and really simple operation, it’s a great purchase for anyone who needs a good quality cutter that won’t see excessive work, but delivers great performance when it’s hooked up and firing.


Green Check Inverter based system gives a clean, stable arc, which is amazing for something this compact.

Green Check Simple controls are easy to read and use.

Green Check Incredibly portable using its built in carry handle.

Green Check Light weight, really long power cable and torch lead length makes this easy to maneuver around the workshop, especially if you’ve got it on a cart.

Caution Warning  Provided torch sometimes cuts at a slight angle, so you might have to adjust your cutting angle slightly.

Caution Warning  Doesn’t come with many consumables.

Caution Warning  Replacement torches are expensive, so look after yours.

Caution Warning  Some reliability issues.

Conclusion on the Klutch Plasma 375i Plasma Cutter

We’re not going to lie to you. Are there plasma cutters out there which perform better than this one? Yes, there are. But are you going to be able to get an equal level of performance for the same relatively low price as this do with this system, especially in one so small? Probably not.

If you’re in the market for a decent little plasma cutter that’s going to easily cope with light work, whilst still having enough power to deal with pretty much anything your standard hobbyist or small tradesman might face, then you should seriously consider grabbing one of these. There’s nothing flashy about it, but it works, and works well. That’s all that matters.