Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Reviews And Buying Guide

Hypertherm Plasma Cutters are very popular among professionals and do-it-yourself guys that want precision and optimal cutting results. They are born out of almost 50 years of experience of Hypertherm which has established reputation in the industry for their quality cutting tools boosting of more patents than any other company. Today, they produce many models of plasma cutters to meet every need. Though all Hypertherm production is of superior quality, some models are more popular among customers. If you want to opt for a plasma cutter from this manufacturer, it is advisable that you choose the most popular models. Below are some of the top plasma cutters from Hypertherm.

ModelAmpsCutting AbilityDimensionsWeightRating
Hypertherm Powermax 30XP
Powermax 30 XP
30Cutting 5/8"14x5.5x11.5"42.3 pounds 5.0
Hypertherm Powermax 45
Powermax 45
45Cutting 1/2",
severance 1"
16.8x6.8x13.7"37 pounds4.1
Hypertherm Powermax 65
Powermax 65
65Cutting 1",
severance 1-1/4"
19.7x9.2x17.9"65 pounds5.0
Hypertherm Powermax 85
Powermax 85
85Cutting 1"--5.0

Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Powermax30 XP Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP is a portable electric plasma cutter. It has dual voltage. It is capable of switching from 110v to 240v input power automatically. It is a highly functional and durable product created with strong materials which can withstand the impact of daily usage. This item is very easy to use thanks to the Duramax LT torch design that it comes with. Ther first factor that designers of the product have taken into consideration creating it is portability. It is a hand plasma system available in a lightweight design of 9.8kg only. It has shoulder strap making it possible for users to take it from one point to another during work. Besides, transporting it from one job site to another is very easy because a hard carry case is included in the package. To make usage much easier, the package also comes with gloves. Users will enjoy comfortable grip which will make it possible for them to work with the cutter for many hours without suffering hand fatigue. It is less risky working with this product whether the environment is too demanding or not thanks to the protection offered by the rugged, 4.5m torch lead strains relief on its two ends. It is versatile in the sense that it can be used to cut any type of metal material such as mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum whether they are painted or rusted. The product offers superior cutting reducing the time spent for edge preparation.


Hypertherm Powermax 45

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Powermax 45 Hypertherm 088016 Powermax 45 is a multipurpose tool which boosts of superior cut and gouge quality. The product is one of the best plasma cutters ever made by Hypertherm thanks to the enhanced features that it comes with. It is created to cut a metal of 1/2 inch or 12mmm thickness using 45 amps of cutting power. It can be integrated with automated cutting equipment via the optional mechanised torch. Though the system is available in a compact and lightweight design, it still offers impressive functionality. You will be able to move it from one place to another or one job site to another because of its exceptional portability. Whether you are a professional or first time users, you will be able to work with this item thanks to the patented drag-cutting technology used in creating it. With it, you will not be spending much time on grinding and edge preparation. The unit also features 20′ hand torch as well as 20′ work lead. It does not consume much energy. It uses 200-240 volts.


Hypertherm Powermax 65

Hyperthem Plasma Cutter Powermax 65 If you need a product with impressive cut speeds as well as impressive cut quality, Hypertherm Powermax 65 should be an option for you. It is suitable for cutting metal with 3/4 inch thick but its maximum cut thickness is 1 inch with 1-1/4 severance cut thickness. Powermax 65 is a hand system that boosts of longer consumable life. Created with the newest technological innovation as well as more torch options, Powermax65 delivers awesome performance making it possible for you to accomplish a lot within shortest possible time. If you are using this multipurpose product, you will be able to choose the right for the task you want to accomplish from the four styled DuramaxTM torch. The item features ConditionerTM circuit which enhances performance on fluctuating input power and lowline voltage as well as motor generators. Users of this plasma will find it easy to operate the tool via the control panel which has an LCD screen for clarity and perfect viewing. If you are working with the Powermax65, you will not feel any hand fatigue thanks to heat and impact resistant handle. Indeed, you will get value for money if you are working with this equipment.



Hypertherm Powermax 85

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Powermax 85 Hypertherm Powermax 85 is strongly built to deliver faster speed cut and superior cut quality. The features available in Powermax65 are replicated in this product with the major difference being that Powermax 85 comes with 85 amps for delivering higher power. It is a highly reliable equipment with unbeatable design. It has numerous features which can be utilized in a number of applications. The internal design of the product is great. Its torch durability is very high thanks to the ability to resist heat and impact.


Factors to consider choosing a plasma cutter

As already mentioned above, plasma cutters do not come with the same features. Some of the models deliver superior performance because they have more qualities or features that meet the need of the buyer. So, when it is time for you to purchase a plasma cutter from Hypertherm, below are some important features to consider.

The duty cycle: Duty cycle refers to how many hours the tool will be used for work. The duty cycle of all plasma cutters are not the same. So, determine how long you will be working with the tool and purchase a product with a duty cycle that will meet your requirement.

Electrical outlets: Know the minimum amperage and voltage of the product that you want to buy and then purchase one that can match your electrical outlet.

Portability: Go for more portable models if you are going to take it from one point to another during work. You should also go for inverter based if you cherish portability.

Conclusion on the Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm is among the best manufacturers of plasma cutters but its production is available in different sizes and models with each model having its unique features and power. If you have made up your mind to purchase a Hypertherm Plasma Cutter, you should go for a model that has features that will meet your requirements.