ESAB Plasma Cutters – Must Read Latest Reviews and Guide

ESAB is one of the world’s largest suppliers of plasma cutters. The company’s reputation is for the production of quality tools.

ESAB Plasma Cutters embody quality and cutting edge technologies. This explains why they are among the top rates models of plasma cutters in use today. Besides delivering faster and excellent cutting results, they have an ergonomic design. There are different sizes and capacities for cutting metals of different thicknesses.

There are also sizes suitable for professional and commercial use as well as sizes suitable for home use. If you want to purchase a new plasma cutting tool, you should consider going for a model from ESAB. But you should make sure that you choose a model with features that will meet your requirements.

Also ESAB owns Thermal Dynamics, so make sure check those models as well.

Below are brief reviews of two models that are the most popular among online consumers.

ESAB 0558011649 PC-400

ESAB Plasma Cutters PC-400If you are looking for the cutter with enhanced performance, the ESAB PC-400 should be an option for you.

It is a budget friendly plasma cutter with compact and lightweight design. With a product dimension of 18.3×6.3×13.4 inches and product weight of only 38.9 pounds, you will be able to take the tool to your job site or move it from one position to another when you are working with it.

It is created with a blow back technology which puts an end to high-frequency startups that can hinder the smooth running of not just the CNC controls but computer systems located nearby.

The product can run on either 110V or 230V. It can easily adapt to any of the voltages. You only need to change the follow up adaptor plugs included in the package depending on the voltage that you want.

Users of this product can operate the pilot arc without nuisance arc outage if they have to cut grate or mesh material.

In case you are working in an area where there is no electricity, you can power the tool using a generator set for the right capacity.

The product has an impressive and ergonomic torch design. Users will not feel any hand fatigue when working with the product thanks to the handle that it comes with which offers users maximum comfort when they are cutting with it. The torch is compact enough featuring a shorter front end which makes it possible for users to get to hard-to-reach areas.

It also offers maximum arc visibility. When the power is cut, the air pressure of the tool is automatically reset.

For those who are lacking experience in using plasma cutting, you will find the voltage booster feature useful. It will help you to finish off thick materials easily. It features a drag cutting capability for straight edge and template cutting.

The ESAB PC-400 is a very strong plasma cutter. If you purchase it, you will definitely use it for a long time. But even if there is any problem with the product, there is no cause for alarm as ESAB provides 3 year guarantee to buyers.

ESAB 0558011673 PC-700

ESAB Plasma Cutters PC-700 The ESAB PC-700 is another strong plasma cutter which is available in a compact design. It is durable and will deliver outstanding cutting results.

The product comes with a number of features that make it stand out from other plasma cutters in the market.

First, it has a moderate weight of 55.3 pounds and dimension of 22x15x8.3 inches. This means that you could take it to work site alone or move it from one point to another without any help.

In this model, you don’t need any special tool or wrenches in order to disconnect the machine. It features a tool-less quick disconnect torch which disconnects the machine. The PT-37 is detachable or removable making it possible for users to remove them from the machine for maintenance and repair work.

A generator can be used to power the tool making it a veritable option for workers in places where there is no electricity.

It comes with an impressive ergonomic handle which eliminates hand fatigues that workers normally experience during prolong hours of work. Virtually, all features of ESAB 400 are also in this model. Buyers of this product do not need to assemble it as it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Points to consider when shopping for an ESAB plasma cutter

Plasma cutters from ESAB are available in different specifications, sizes and models. Each model comes with unique features which mark it out from other models on the market.

When it is time for you to purchase a plasma cutter, it is advisable that you look for a model that will meet your cutting needs. Here are some tips to enable you choose wisely.

Consider your budget: It is crucial that you consider your budget because the models have different price tags. Go for a model within your financial means. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for a model that will not meet your cutting needs.

Consider the type and thickness of material you want to cut: Each product is designed to cut a particular type of material. This is very important because the type of material you cut will determine the model of plasma cutter that you should buy. If you buy a model meant for the cutting of another material, it is as good as nothing.

Portability of the plasma: ESAB Plasma cutter models differ in their weight and sizes. When you are shopping for the product, you have to consider portability. If the nature of your work demands that you move the plasma cutter from one location to another or from one point to another, then you have to buy a very portable one but you may not require a portable one if the material to be cut is brought to you.

Conclusion on ESAB Plasma Cutters

ESAB Plasma Cutters are a veritable option for workers that require quality plasma cutters to do their work. With many years of experience, ESAB produces quality products but these machines are available in different specifications and strengths. The tips provided above will help you to make an informed decision.