What is a TIG Finger?

TIG Finger in use
No a TIG Finger is not giving your manager the finger (as much as he may deserve it). It is simply a small tube shaped heat shield you can wear on your finger to protect your finger from the heat ...

How Do You Choose the Best Welding Gloves?

Best Welding Gloves
Recent advancements in the best welding gloves are due to higher performance materials and better sewing patterns. There’s a much wider selection of welding gloves to choose from than a few years ago. Now I am sure you are asking, ...

Pulsed MIG Welding Is It Right for Your Operation?

Everlast Power MTS 251Si Pulse MIG
Do you need reduced spatter amounts, faster travel speeds, and improved control on your arc starts? With some training and practice, pulsed MIG welding can provide the improvements you need. Many fabrication operators have goals tied to productivity improvements, profitability, ...

What is a Plasma Cutter Duty Cycle?

Plasma Cutter Duty Cycle
The plasma cutter duty cycle of a particular unit is the amount of time in an hour the cutter can safely operate without the torch or unit overheating or shutting down. This is generally expressed as a percentage and is ...

How does a Plasma Cutter Work?

plasma cutter reviews
As you know, a plasma cutter is a machine designed for cutting mainly metal materials. Rather than cutting with oxy-fuel, it transfers energy from a power source to a conductive material using an electrically conductive gas. When compared with oxy-fuel, ...