Best Welding Jacket to Protect Yourself

Every welder encounters risk. During welding, your body encounters nasty sparks, hot metal spatters, and blazing flames from torch work. Am I right? Which is why we’re going to take a look at the one, essential welding apparel to protect your arms & torso from welding accidents: Welding Jacket.

A decent welding jacket will protect your upper body from any welding accidents—while also keeping you comfortable when you work. Because you don’t want a jacket that’s too thick (hard to move with) or too thin (lack in protective capabilities).

It’s a tricky business choosing the perfect welding jacket. Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you. As you can see below, we’ve listed 6 of the BEST welding jackets on the market right now. Whether you’re an MIG, Stick, or Gas welder, you’ll find your answer in one of these 6 magnificent jackets.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a well-designed, durable, and comfortable welding jacket, make sure you read on. Our goal is to help you buy the best welding jacket according to your specific needs. Check it out!

Miller Pigskin Leather Jacket

Best Welding Jacket Miller Leather First off, we’ve got the sturdiest & most luxurious leather jacket on the list — Pigskin Leather Jacket from Miller.

Made from 100% authentic pigskin, it’s going to give you a full upper-body protection like nothing you’ve ever worn before.

The whole jacket is smooth on the touch, extremely durable, and has excellent air circulation (naturally breathable). Comes with a handsome black leather color, this rock star is every welder’s dream jacket.

Give them your money — and enjoy not burning yourself while welding.

Green Check Authentic Pigskin Leather Properties — Soft, extremely durable, and provides excellent air circulation
Green Check Naturally Moisture Resistant — Prevents electrical shock and keeps the jacket warm and dry
Green Check Collar Extension — Allowing you to do overhead welding safely (without sparks burning off your shirt)
Green Check Leather All The Way Through — Your whole upper body will be covered with pigskin leather, even the collar extension. In other words, this jacket is reliable

Caution Warning Open front pocket, so you can’t store anything flammable there (it could catch some weld or plasma cutter sparks if you’re doing lots of overhead welding)

Ironcat 7005 Heat Resistant Leather Jacket

Best Welding Jacket Iron Cat 7005Next up, the Ironcat 7005 — the welding jacket made to accommodate torch work.

If your welding game is all about molding metals with blazing hot flames, then you have to check out this jacket.

It’s got a heat-resistant leather material, tanky stitching construction (sewn with Kevlar thread), and specially designed for Gas Welders (or torch workers).

If you want to stay cool and safe when doing torch work—this welding jacket is your ticket. Check it out!

Green Check Effective Heat Combating — The leather material is especially effective in combating heat & flames
Green Check Ultra-Durable Stitching — Kevlar stitching ensures the jacket to be extremely durable and tear-resistant
Green Check Closed Outside Pocket — So you won’t have to worry about weld sparks damaging your things
Caution Warning A bit heavy if compared to other leather jacket

Hobart 770486 Leather Jacket

Best Welding Jacket Hobart Welding JacketHobart is a name that’s guaranteed to ring in your ears.

They’ve produced top-of-the-line welding products for 9 years now. And are still going strong.

This time, they’ve created another masterpiece of a welding jacket–the Hobart 770486. Made with cowhide split leather, sewn with heavy duty stitching, and added reinforced snaps makes it one of the most durable leather jacket on the list.

If you’re looking for a jacket to withstand abuse on the work field — trust Hobart.

Green Check Authentic Cowhide Split Leather Material — Protects you against weld sparks, hot metal splatters, and hot flames
Green Check Heavy Duty Stitching — Making sure the jacket won’t rip anytime soon and can withstand abuse on the field
Green Check Reinforced Snaps — Effectively doubling the lifetime of this jacket’s snaps (the snaps aren’t going to snap anytime soon)
Caution Warning Split cowhide leather runs a little hot on the summer

Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Jacket

Best Welding Jacket Lincoln Electric K2989
If you’re a welder who hates — more than anything — that nasty pool of back sweat on you after each weld, the Lincoln K2989 is the perfect welding jacket.

The Lincoln Electric K2989 offers a hybrid feature of cotton fabric and cowhide leather. This allows you to weld safely.

Your torso and arms covered in cowhide leather while the cotton fabric on the back side allows your back to breathe. As a result, you’ll be able to weld sweat-free and still get the peace of mind from the Cowhide leather protection.

If you’re looking for a jacket that offers both protection & excellent air circulation — this jacket may just be perfect for you.

Green Check Hybrid Fabric Feature — Gives you the best of both worlds. Rugged cowhide-leather protects your arms from nasty sparks — while breathable cotton fabric keeps your back cool
Green Check Snug Neck Collar — With easy-to-use Velcro system, the jacket follows the posture of your body to fit perfectly, allowing you to move freely
Green Check Extra Inside Pocket — Offers safe storage for extra equipment (extra sticks, extra metals, paperwork, etc)
Caution Warning Quite heavy on the FR (flame retardant) chemicals. So much that some customers have reported they need to air the jacket for a couple hours before they can wear it. (The upside is you can be confident the jacket is protected with sufficient layer of protective FR chemical)

Steiner 1260 Weldlite Leather Jacket

Best Welding Jacket Steiner 1260As the name suggest, Steiner 1260 Weldlite is a welding jacket that also offers a hybrid feature of Cotton and Cowhide-leather.

But this time, the cotton covers the whole torso part of the jacket.

As a result, the jacket is spectacularly light compared to the other jackets. It only weighs 9.5 ounce, thus earning the name Weldlite.

If you’re looking for maximum agility and freedom of movement when welding, this jacket is a definite contender.

Green Check Ultra-light Construction — The navy blue cotton torso allows the body to move freely & comfortably. It’s light, stretch-able, and is naturally breathable (provides great air circulation)
Green Check Cowhide Leather Sleeves — Sufficient armor to protect your arms from weld sparks, flames, and even hot metals
Green Check Relaxed Fit — The Weldlite is a full cut fit, so you needn’t worry about it fitting to tight (especially around the belly)
Caution Warning Steiner Weldlite is not a full leather jacket. This means the part of the jacket that’s made out of cotton (the torso) is less protected than the leather-covered parts (the sleeves)

Black Stallion BSX Welding Jacket

Best Welding Jacket Black Stallion BSXLast but not least, the Black Stallion BSX is the cheapest welding jacket on the list.

But don’t get me wrong, the BSX provides a pretty fantastic value.

If you’re seriously tight on budget, this jacket provides enough protection from nasty sparks, scratches, and flames for a fantastic price. Keep in mind though, unlike every other jacket on this list, the BSX is not a leather jacket. So, it won’t be as durable as leather.

And with that in mind, let’s jump in the features to see how much you’re getting with the BSX.

Green Check Serious Agility — as one might expect from a non-leather jacket, its light cotton material offers some serious agility and lightness when moving
Green Check Flame Resistant Cotton — the jacket material is flame retardant cotton. That means it offers decent protection against hot flames (although not as good as pure cowhide-leather)
Green Check Collar coverage — Extra-useful for shirt protection if you’re doing overhead welding and are worrying about weld sparks burning your shirt
Caution Warning The only con in this jacket, and perhaps a big one, is the fact that it’s not leather. So if you’re a serious welder and are looking to invest in long-term safety, this may not be the welding jacket for you

Welding Jacket Buying Guide

Here are some tips if you are shopping for a welding jacket.

Best Materials for Welding Jackets

The best welding jacket that provides the highest level of protection is from leather or suede materials. These materials protect your body and arms, while safely deflecting slag and sparks from the welding and plasma cutting process. These garments are essential for welders who are working in colder temperatures as they need to keep warm, while enjoying protection at the same time.

If a suede or leather material is too heavy for your climate or restricts your movements too much, you can also rely on cloth jackets. There are some manufacturers who design such types but most of these are leather sleeves combined with a leather body and add an overall flame-resistant material or coating.

While welding, it is important to wear suitable clothing under your welding jacket. The best materials include leather, denim, wool and cotton. The worst material are synthetics. These materials tend to melt and could cause serious burns on the skin. With that, even cotton can sustain damage by slag and sparks. It smolders and snuffs out quickly so as to not harm your skin. With cotton, I have found it best to have a couple of cotton layers so I do not get burnt (as much).

Factors to Consider

When it comes to purchasing any product, there are always things that a potential buyer should consider. Here are the key factors to consider when shopping for a welding jacket.

Welding Type – It is important to identify the type of welding you will do because the clothing largely depends on the welder’s position as well as the welding process. MIG, TIG, and Arc welding require different types of welding gear. Proper garments are necessary for protection. Professionals advise wearing a single jacket with long sleeves that includes a collar that folds up for neck guard. The majority of welding jackets are for light and moderate applications. Therefore, it is imperative to pick one for heavy duty welding as temperatures often reach up to 1000 degrees.

Price – The price of high-quality jackets for welding also vary from one brand to the other. The overall style, construction and materials used also affect the price tag. As a buyer, you should be willing to shell out some extra cash if you want a heavy-duty jacket for maximum protection and safety. Today, welding jackets go for as low as couple of 10 spots, while there are some from premium manufacturers worth more than a couple of crisp C notes.

Size – There are some products offered exclusively in medium sizes, while there are some in different sizes, ranging from small to double-extra large sizes. It is a rule of the thumb that you should get the perfect fit, which simply means getting one size larger than yo
ur current shirt or sweatshirt. Overall, the garment should allow you to move freely because welding procedures also require different positions like vertical and overhead welding. Wearing baggy clothes is a big NO-NO as it can catch on something.

Fabric/Material – The fabric or materials used in the best jacket brands for welding also play a crucial role throughout the selection process. It was mentioned earlier that these garments are made of various materials, reiterating that leather or suede are the best choices. Material plays a role in your comfort. You don’t want a cotton Furthermore, check if the material is fire-retardant for added durability. Also, don’t forget the stitching at the seams. The better and thicker the stitching, the better the quality.

Other Essentials

Besides a welding jacket, a welder should also consider the following gear because not only the upper body and arms need protection, but also the other body parts.

Welding HelmetA reliable welding helmet should have a minimum of four arc sensors, including an auto-darkening feature and various shade settings that help protect from flashes. These features result in optimum visibility and comfort at the same time.

Welding Gloves – Besides the really cool jackets for welding, a pair of welding gloves is equally essential. Primarily, the gloves will offer levels of protection for the hands that the jacket is incapable of covering.

Welding Respirator – Welding can put off some noxious fumes. Not everyone loves the smell of napalm in the morning. Welding fumes contain hexavalent chromium and zinc, which can cause long-term damage to your respiratory system. OSHA has limits in place to determine what qualifies as permissible exposure (PEL) to help protect welders from these two elements specifically. Beyond these two fumes, though, there are unforeseeable contaminates you may be inhaling. So it is best to get an approved welding respirator.

Welding Apron – A welding apron works best in warmer temperatures, covering the lower and upper body portions. For light duty applications, there are cotton welding aprons, while leather aprons are available for heavy duty welding.

Welding Bib – Investing in a welding bib is perfect for those working in stations wherein necks and shoulders are oftentimes hit by slag and sparks. This protective garment is typically attached to the helmet, providing a flawless protection for areas that the helmet cannot cover.

Work Boots – A pair of high-quality work boots are said to be the perfect protective gear for a welder’s feet. Aside from protecting the feet from sparks, the boots will likewise offer protection and safety from falling objects throughout the job site.

Ear Plugs – Ear plugs are great addition. They help prevent hearing-related disorders, especially for those who are sensitive to noises produced by welding and other noise-irritating applications around a job site (those damn grinders).

Basic Safety Measures

It is always essential to ensure that you are wearing the proper protective gears and clothing, before engaging in such industrial procedures. Another thing to remember is to ensure that your clothing is dry without any flammable objects as you weld.

Wearing baggy clothes is a big NO-NO as well as wet clothing. Hence, clothing safety is very easy to learn without ignoring any of the provided tips because left ignored could result in quite painful experience while welding.


There you have it, the BEST welding jackets are right in front of you—just an quick purchase away before you get some peace of mind when welding.

If you’re truly committed to your work as a welder, there’s really no excuse for not wearing the proper equipment. Not only will it improve the overall efficiency of your work, perhaps most importantly, it protects your body from serious harm. After all we all know that health equals wealth in this industry. Pro welders knows perfectly well the risks entailed with the job before they even start welding. That’s why before the metals get molded, burned, and ground, they arm themselves with the proper equipment—i.e. Welding Jackets.

Buy yourself a peace of mind—every time you’re welding. Purchase any one of these 6 magnificent welding jackets through our trusted affiliate links now!