Best Angle Grinder and Buying Guide

Grinder vs Welder Meme Best Angle GrinderMaking a weld better with an angle grinder isn’t really welding right? However, there is a time and place when an angle grinder is the proper tool. So getting the best angle grinder is a requirement for every handyman.

With a wide range of functions and accessories, you won’t know how you lived without one. Since there are so many options out there, it can be a daunting task searching for one that meets your needs. The best angle grinders listed here are ones that we have searched high and low and found these to be the top picks.

Quick Look at the Best Angle Grinder

For those who know what they want and want it now!

Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder
Metabo W9-115

Corded105006.0 lbs4.5"
DeWALT DWE402 Angle Grinder
DeWalt DWE402
Corded110006.2 lbs4.5"
Milwaukee M18 Angle Grinder
Milwaukee M18
Battery85005.4 lbs4.5"
Ryobi P421 Angle Grinder
Ryobi P421
Battery65005.4 lbs4.5"

Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder – Extremely Powerful Angle Grinding Machine — TOP PICK

Metabo W9-115 Angle GrinderWith over 70 full-years of experience, the German-made Metabo has made its mark in the power tool industry.

Especially in the angle grinding community, everyone knows that Metabo always produces the best, top-notch angle-grinder.

This particular Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder, for example. It has everything you’d want from an angle grinder, full of features that helps create the best grinding experience for you.

The Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder grinds metal without ever slowing down. The speed & ferocity of this machine will actually scare you. Once this machine grabs onto something, it’ll tear it down so quickly and efficiently you’d be surprised.

No other angle grinder can grind down metal as efficiently as a Metabo. You have to try it for yourself. Prepare to be shocked by a grinding experience like you’ve never had before!

Check out the Metabo W9-115’s full range of features.

FeaturesTech Specs
This is German made equipment, where quality control is as strict as it gets. It is solid, top-notch built quality of internal material – able to withstand Heat up to 200 degree Celsius

Extremely small handle circumference, providing a fatigue-free grinding experience – free from hand cramps. The small handle circumference will also provide perfect ergonomics for when you’re grinding any kind of complex-shaped objects.

Includes the Metabo Marathon Motor, a cutting-edge motor technology that allows 50% more torque & 20% higher overload capacity for more efficient work & extreme durability.

Comes with the M-Quick System, which is a one-touch button that lets you change discs instantly without hassle. Now that is nice and easy!

Safety minded as in has the Metabo S-Automatic Safety Clutch which is a built in safety mechanism for when your disc hits an unexpectedly rough surface – providing maximum control and safety for you!

Finally, Tool-free adjustable guard with 7 different position, very simple & quick – but also twist-proof and extremely sturdy.

Item Weight: 6 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 2.9 x 12 inches
Origin: Germany
Size: 4-1/2
Power Source: corded-electric
Voltage: 120 volts
Wattage: 900 watts
No-load speed: 10500 /min
Torque: 2.5 Nm / 22 in-lbs
Cable length: 4 m / 13 ft

Pro Green Checkmark German-made quality will ensure that your product will be tested beforehand to make sure that everything is on point
Pro Green Checkmark Heat-resistant internal material, so you can grind away without worrying about burnt motor
Pro Green Checkmark Free from hand cramps, because of the smart small circumference design allowing you to grind for hours without feeling tired
Pro Green Checkmark Perfect ergonomics for agile maneuvers, making you able to grind complex-shaped metal with ease
Pro Green Checkmark Cutting-edge motor technology, delivers higher torque for more efficient grinding & extremely durable motor – able to last a lifetime!
Pro Green Checkmark Hassle-free disc changing, with just a touch of a button – you’ll be able to change disc instantly
Pro Green Checkmark Built in safety system – providing maximum safety for when you’re grinding rough metal
Pro Green Checkmark Adjustable guard – completely tool-free, with just a touch of a button you can adjust the guard to your match your grinding needs

Caution Alert It’s Corded. Understandable, since internal batteries cannot provide enough power for this thirsty machine. The horsepower that’s required to amp up this machine is tremendous!

Metabo W9-115 Conclusion

Metabo makes a LOT of power tools. All kinds of stuff. And the things is, they always make stuff EXCELLENTLY. This is what differentiates a Metabo from everyone else. It’s also why your money’s in a good place when you decide to buy a Metabo.

Whether you’re a weekend welder or an iron welder who welds 6 to 7 days a week, Metabo Angle Grinder is the perfect machine to accompany your grinding experience.

If you’re sick of buying cheap grinders that burn up in a month, and prefer a machine that lasts a lifetime and delivers every time you use it, pick this excellent Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder. It won’t disappoint!

Power. Longevity. And smoothness of grinding without ever slowing your motor-disc.

For an outstanding grinding experience like you’ve never had before. Buy this Angle grinder and see for yourself what this machine is capable of.

DeWALT DWE402 – Small but Powerful Angle Grinder

DeWALT DWE402 Angle GrinderOver the history of power tools, DeWALT has proven itself to be a brand that consistently bring great products & is trusted by their customers. For me, it’s no wonder how they do this. Put simply, they deliver on their promise, especially at this price.

We’re going to talk about a legend. Now, hear me out. It’s a legend.

It’s the DeWALT DWE402. Ask around, you’ll get the same answer. DeWALT DWE402 is a legend. One hell of a power tool.

What would you want from an Angle grinder–durability? efficiency? power? safety? warranty?

Guess what, it’s not an issue. DeWALT’s DWE402 has it all. Plus the 3 year warranty. Not to mention all their trademarked special system design that allows users to not worry for equipment maintenance. For example, thanks to the handy Dust Ejection System ™, even dust can’t get into the motor. That means you don’t have to bother cleaning the motor, the machine maintains itself. As good as new.

And that’s just one of the MANY great benefits from having a DeWALT’s DWE402. Scroll down and take a look at more of DeWALT DWE402 features, you’ll be surprised!

FeaturesTech Specs
Starting with the most obvious, the Dust Ejection System ™ is spectacular. Imagine, this equipment will prevent harmful debris from entering its core base. That means you’ll not be bothered by cleaning hassle. The core motor of this machine will last for a long time. Spotless & good as new.

Next, 11 Amp & 11,000 rpm with only 6.2 pounds is pretty handy, to say the least. You’ll want it to be powerful but you also want it to be easy to swing around, don’t you? So far, this model provides one of the most efficient power to weight ratios for all angle grinders. Holding this grinder will feel just right, because of its balance of weight, size, and power.

What about durability?

Well, I’ve talked about how its core motor has a system that can repel harmful dust by itself (no kidding). Apparently, that’s not all. DeWALT’s DWE402 has improved its brush design to Over sized brush, making it last twice (2x) longer than the previous models. Rest assured you won’t need to worry about replacing parts any time soon.

It also has a built-in auto-off brush system, that means when the brushes DO need replacing, it will automatically lock itself, preventing tool damage. And once you’ve replaced it with a new brush, it’ll be good as new.

As for the grip design itself, you can feel for yourself the perfectly sized grip. Designed to give you the best grinding experience.

Amps 11.0: Amps
Dust Ejection System™: Yes
Max Watts Out: 1,400 W
No Load Speed: 11,000 rpm
Power Tool Type: Corded
Spindle Size: 5/8″-11 in
Spindle Thread: 5/8″-11
Switch Type Paddle: w/ lock-on
Tool Length: 12″ in
100% Tool-Free Flange System: Yes
Wheel Diameter: 4-1/2″

Pro Green Checkmark 3 Year Warranty from DeWALT, so you don’t have to worry
Pro Green Checkmark 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor provides the most efficient power to weight ratio
Pro Green Checkmark Oversized brushes, lasts 2x longer than previous model
Pro Green Checkmark One-Touch ™ Guard allows for 360 degree rotation of the guard with a single action, very simple mechanism
Pro Green Checkmark Paddle switch with safety lock-off to prevent accidental start up, safety first (always)
Pro Green Checkmark Dust Ejection System ™ provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris particles that enter the tool, no need to clean regularly
Pro Green Checkmark Quick-Change ™ Wheel Release allows tool free wheel removal, just use your hands
Pro Green Checkmark Well designed gripping surface allows for the best comfort available
Pro Green Checkmark Auto-off brushes system when the brushes need replacing, to avoid tool damage
Pro Green Checkmark The price is great, considering their solid quality & durability

Caution Alert Corded, it may be uncomfortable for some people

DeWALT DWE402 Conclusion

Do you see it? Yeah. The pros outweigh the cons. Heavily.

This is why people love DeWALT DWE402.

Just do some research and you’ll find honest customer reviews that glorifies the beauty of this angle grinder equipment, even till this day.

I’m certain that should you decide to pick up this as your go to angle grinder, be it cutting, polishing, or fabricating metals, you will not be disappointed for years to come.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL – World’s first cordless grinder with corded performance

Milwaukee M18 Angle GrinderCordless Angle Grinder. For Metal fabricators, it’s like the evolution of long bread to sliced bread. Simple, Easy, Practical. What more could you ask?

But wait, since they don’t have cords, cordless angle grinders usually sacrifice power output. They don’t have the usual torque, power, and agility that you need for a decent grind.

Now this is a huge problem, you don’t work a metal with only, say, 6500rpm. Which is what most cordless angle grinder have. Trust me, it just won’t feel right, the grinding won’t be as smooth.

Here comes the Milwaukee M18. The World’s 1st Cordless Angle Grinder with the same power output as corded one.

It’s cordless. But it’s just as powerful as corded one.

Take a look and see for yourself what it’s all about.

FeaturesTech Specs
Starting with the most obvious one, it’s cordless. Cordless Angle Grinding is awesome. We’ve all felt that the cord is always in the way. When you’re grinding away a piece of metal, the last thing you want is for that to strung your grinder into that piece of metal, ruining your creation. Believe me, I’ve seen what a tangled cord can do to a piece of metal, or your hands. All it takes is one simple jagged “Shlunk!” and the result is a jacked up mess on your metal. It’s annoying, not to mention dangerous!

Milwaukee M18 provides cord-free angle grinding which means no more of that hassle.

But since they don’t have cords, cordless angle grinders usually sacrifice power output. They don’t have the usual torque, power, and agility that you need for a decent Grind.
Not with this one, Milwaukee M18 FUEL is a breakthrough. It performs with 8500rpm, the same power output to that of corded one.

POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers maximum power when cutting, polishing, or grinding. It cuts up to 35% and lasts up to 10X longer motor life. It’s a powerhouse that lasts forever.

REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence is the brain of this machine. It regulates that powerhouse so everything is working as at an optimum level, maintaining high power output but also stable working condition.

It’s also equipped with a unique Paddle Switch Design, Milwaukee boasts itself as the ONLY cordless grinder in the market with a paddle switch design, providing comfort and ease of use when operating in various positions.

When you want to change accessories and guard adjustments, Milwaukee’s M18 is 100% tool-free. No need to use a wrench.

Let’s talk about durability. Your grinder needs to be able to withstand hard work. It needs to be ready for action every time you need it.

Milwaukee’s M18 is built to last. Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™ XC4.0 delivers up to 10X longer motor life and 2X more run time. You can use this grinder anywhere, even in the most extreme job sites (extremely cold/hot) with fade free power. That means the outside temperature won’t affect your battery power. There’s also a convenient fuel gauge indicating when to charge & when it’s full-powered.

That’s it. Phew, I know it’s a long list, but it just goes to show you how good this tool is. Buy one, and it’ll keep you handy for a long, long time. It’s everything you need for a great grinding experience!

Voltage 18V
Length 15″
Weight 5.8 lbs
Arbor Size 5/8″-11
Switch Type Paddle No-Lock
Speed 8,500 RPM
Trigger Lock No
Vibration Reduction Yes
Tool Free Guard Yes
Package Type Tool-Only (No Battery or Charger Included)
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Pro Green Checkmark Strong power output, it spins, cuts, and grinds as powerful as corded ones
Pro Green Checkmark Longer-lasting & more durable Battery, all the power you need
Pro Green Checkmark Cordless, for a smooth grinding experience
Pro Green Checkmark Paddle-switch design, makes it easy for you to switch positions
Pro Green Checkmark Capable of performing in extreme job-site conditions
Pro Green Checkmark 100% Tool free, you won’t need a wrench again, ever
Pro Green Checkmark Electronic system integration maintains peak performance without damaging the equipment
Pro Green Checkmark Built to last, one of these will last you a lifetime
Pro Green Checkmark 8500 rpm spin, allowing you to cut the toughest metal
Caution AlertIt’s pretty expensive

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Conclusion

In my opinion, every metal fabricator should own this state-of-the-art equipment. But if you still have doubts, just ask yourself…

When grinding, do you need high agility and flexibility that only comes with cordless angle grinder? Do you also need maximum power output to cut even the toughest steel? Do you want to own a grinder that will last you for years to come, without needing to worry about machine maintenance?

Now if the answers are yes, you know what to do.

Ryobi P421 – Ryobi’s Affordable Cordless Angle Grinder

Ryobi P421 Angle GrinderCordless Angle Grinder. For Metal fabricators, it’s like the evolution of long bread to sliced bread. Simple, Easy, Practical. What more could you ask? Price.

Well, consider taking a look at Ryobi’s P421. It’s cordless, and in our opinion, the price is very worth it.

Here’s the perfect tool for cordless angle grinding, maximum agility, and minimum price. Let’s take a look.

FeaturesTech Specs
Let’s start with the obvious, it’s cordless. Cordless Angle Grinding is awesome. We’ve all felt that the cord is always in the way. When you’re grinding away a piece of metal, the last thing you want is for that to strung your grinder into that piece of metal, ruining your creation. Believe me, I’ve seen what a tangled cord can do to a piece of metal, or your hands. All it takes is one simple jagged “Shlunk!” and the result is a jacked up mess on your metal. It’s annoying, not to mention dangerous!

Ryobi P421 provides cord-free angle grinding which means no more of that hassle. This is a huge advantage, especially if you’re a beginner angle grinders doing simple work. Cordless grinding will make the job so much easier.

Built in trigger switch is also very convenient, as it makes the job go smoothly without any chance for accidents to happen. For beginners, safety is always important. Don’t you agree?
The product design also includes a 3 side handle, making it easy & more comfortable for you to switch positions.

The Ryobi P421 only weighs around 4.8lbs, that’s super light. This is what I mean by agility. Its light weight makes it easy for us to do grinding work, making it easy to do maneuvers around the metal.

All in all, Ryobi P421 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality angle grinder, for practical usage, and at a great price.

Item Weight: 5.4 pounds
Product Dimensions: 14 x 5.8 x 5.5 inches
Color: Green
Power Source: battery-powered
Voltage: 18 volts
Batteries Included: No
Battery Cell Type: Lithium Ion
No load speed: 6500rpm
Locking device: Spindle lock

Pro Green Checkmark Spins up to 6,500 rpm, for fast & precise work
Pro Green Checkmark Convenient trigger switch, because safety is always important
Pro Green Checkmark Tool free guard, makes positioning easy
Pro Green Checkmark 18 V tool, for maximum power output
Pro Green Checkmark Weigh only at 4.8 lbs, very light and agile for you to work tirelessly

Caution Alert It’s built for practical usage, Its main focus is on creating the perfect tool for home usage, or on metals that are not too tough. If you’re looking to cut the toughest metal, this is not the tool for you.

Ryobi P421 Conclusion

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself. Do you want an angle grinder that is agile, cordless, and with enough power to get the job done? Do you value practicality over power?

If the answer’s yes, then you should absolutely purchase this item. Ryobi’s P421 is excellent for practical grinding, it gets the job done, and it’s at a great price.

Angle Grinder Buying Guide

What is an Angle Grinder?

As you well know, every metal worker eventually needs to do some cutting, grinding, or polishing, and that’s where an angle grinder comes in handy. An Angle Grinder or disk grinder is a handheld tool and is either powered by an electrical motor (battery or AC), or compressed air.

With an angle grinder, you’ll usually find a geared head, an abrasive disc, an adjustable guard, and a side handle. The geared head is usually mounted at a right angle and holds the disc or wheel that will cut, sand, polish, or grind a wide range of materials.

You’ll often find angle grinders in auto shops, metal shops or construction sites. Most of the time, they’re used to smooth or remove excess material, and to make cuts or notches. You will find multiple different angle grinder discs such as: abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, cut-off discs, sanding discs, polishing pads, and wire brush wheels.

If this is a lot of information for you, and you simply don’t know where to begin, this buyer’s guide will help you to pinpoint what kind of angle grinder you need to get the job done.

What are the Common Uses for an Angle Grinder?

When you hear the name, you might think that an angle grinder only serves one purpose, but in fact it can serve a number of tasks.

Grinding: The most common use is grinding or sanding away any protruding or unwanted stone, mortar, or metal. You’ll often find metal workers use these tools when they need to remove dross (slag), or when they’re working with metal and shaping stone.

Blade Sharpening: Aside from polishing and cutting, angle grinders can sharpen tools and blades with ease. That means that you’ll be able to sharpen common tools such as axes, mower blades, and even shovels. Just make sure that the item you are grinding is securely attached to your work table before attempting to sharpen.

Mortar Removal: An angle grinder is useful for tuck-pointing. You can remove old, loose mortar without damaging the brick. This avoids any strenuous labor and is way faster than using a chisel and hammer.

How Do I Operate an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool that works via a power source to rapidly spin a disc. To operate the tool, you must press a switch (trigger). I have even seen a few where you flip a safety shield and then you can pull the trigger. Now, when you let go of the switch, the grinder turns itself off. This is what’s known as the “dead man switch” and is there to protect you from injury.

Some grinders have a side handle grip. This stabilizes the grinder so that you can perform the task at hand. Most angle grinders can adjust for left handed use.

Always make sure to wear the proper safety glasses/shield, gloves, steel toe boots and depending on what types of material you are grinding, proper respirators/face masks.

What are the Wheel Types and Uses?

1. Aluminum Oxide: Used for woodworking, buffing/polishing, and cutting bolts, rods and bars.
2. Diamond: Ideal for cutting concrete, stone, and tile and other hard materials.
3. Fiber: Appropriate for rust and burrs.
4. Flapper: Suited for sharpening tools, grinding, restoring edges, sanding, and surface prepping.
5. Silicon Carbide: Meant for sharpening, and cleaning metal, as well as tuck pointing and removing mortar.
6. Wire or Brush: Suitable for cleaning metal by removing paint and rust.

What are the Considerations When Buying an Angle Grinder?

There are a few things you should take into account when trying to find the best angle grinder for your situation. There is a wide selection available and a number of sturdy makes and models to choose.

Many may want to buy an inexpensive model, but you should only do this if you plan to use the tool infrequently or for smaller projects. If you are going to use your angle grinder more frequently then, you want performance, power and safety. To get such, you should be willing to spend a bit more.

Disc Size

Keep in mind that the greater the size of the angle grinder’s disc, the more powerful its motor. There is a variety of disc sizes to choose. The most popular are 4.5 inches (115 mm) and 9 inches (230 mm). In some cases, a pneumatic grinder might be ideal with its smaller disc sizes. These tools allow for more precision on small jobs.

Motor Power

You’ll find different voltage, wattage, and amp ratings for each angle grinder. Generally, your choice will be between 500 and 2500 watts, and amp ratings that range from 4 to 15amps. Obviously, these numbers will correlate with the power of the motor. A lower rating should be adequate for most household tasks.

Speed Ratings

These are powerful tools, and the unit’s disc can make anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Know that the higher the speed rating, the higher risk of injury if the angle grinder is not handled correctly.


There are two components that relate to comfort of use, and these are size and weight. Unless you intend to use the tool for large industrial jobs, you may want a smaller unit that is more comfortable to hold. Compact units are easier to use for long periods. Be sure to look for a model that features anti-vibration handles—trust me on this.

Wheels and Accessories

These are incredibly versatile tools, and the discs can be interchanged. You can also install different wheels and accessories for the ultimate in versatility. Make sure to read the instructions to make sure that you are buying the right tool for your job.

NOTE: Make sure you select the proper disk size or attachment for the motor and speed rating. An incorrect match will result in damage to the grinder and can cause injury when the wheel breaks.


An angle grinder is a versatile and while we may make fun of it from time to time, they do serve a purpose. Any of the units above can serve multiple needs and provide a long lasting powerful tool in your arsenal.