What is a TIG Finger?

TIG Finger in use

No a TIG Finger is not giving your manager the finger (as much as he may deserve it). It is simply a small tube shaped heat shield you can wear on your finger to protect your finger from the heat and allows you to focus on the weld. No more struggling to finish your weld … Read more

How does a Plasma Cutter Work?

plasma cutter reviews

As you know, a plasma cutter is a machine designed for cutting mainly metal materials. Rather than cutting with oxy-fuel, it transfers energy from a power source to a conductive material using an electrically conductive gas. When compared with oxy-fuel, cutting with a plasma cutter is not only faster but also cleaner thanks to this … Read more

How to Work With Plasma Cutter Safely to Prevent Injuries

Plasma Cutter

Safety is an important issue that should not be overlooked when one is handling a plasma cutter. Plasma cutter generates great force and heat so that it will be able to cut through metal. You don’t need to be told the great harm that a plasma cutter can inflict on you if it mistakenly gets … Read more