Hey! I'm Shawn but most call me SJ. I got interested in fabricating back in high school where I made my first actual canon. I have been doing other metal fabrication and artwork in the mean time. A few years back, I met Raul and we started our own fab shop and have been kicking a$$ ever since.

What is a TIG Finger?

TIG Finger in use
No a TIG Finger is not giving your manager the finger (as much as he may deserve it). It is simply a small tube shaped heat shield you can wear on your finger to protect your finger from the heat ...

How does a Plasma Cutter Work?

plasma cutter reviews
As you know, a plasma cutter is a machine designed for cutting mainly metal materials. Rather than cutting with oxy-fuel, it transfers energy from a power source to a conductive material using an electrically conductive gas. When compared with oxy-fuel, ...