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About Us

Plasma Cutter Reviews

In the workshop planning my next plasma cutting project

Plasmacutterpro is a leading platform on which you can find all the information you may need regarding plasma cutting and plasma cutter reviews.

As a great lover of plasma cutting and as someone with growing experience in the field, I offer you high quality plasma cutter reviews, comparisons and an up-to-date and comprehensive buying guide on the various types of plasma cutters currently available.

With the many brands, models, and features currently available on the market today (such as Hypertherm, Lotos, Hobart, etc), here at Plasmacutterpro, we also offer you excellent advice and tips with regards to plasma cutting and the various techniques that can be used.

All reviews and comparisons found on this site are completely unbiased and objective. In addition, all plasma cutters have been tested using the exact same standards and criteria. This is to give you a sound opinion on the best plasma cutter to select for your particular requirement.

On a personal level, my own journey into plasma cutting began when I remodeled my 1920s bungalow and wanted an arts and craft theme. For the fireplace room, I created all the windows in stained glass but I was unfortunately unable to find a fireplace screen or lamps that fit the vision I had for the room. As such, I figured I would have to build something out of metal to meet my needs. Thus, my foray into plasma cutting of metal. Because of that experience and all the difficulty with finding the right tools, techniques, and just basic information about plasma cutters, I decided to build this site to help others out.

Welcome and drop me a message if you have any additional questions!